Puff Pastry Success… Mini-Pie Crust Fail

Wait a second... Why are they so puffy? They're supposed to be pie crust-like

As part of my Thanksgiving menu, I wanted to make mini-Blackberry pies. Thinking that I would be so smart and make the crusts today, I went to my freezer last night and took out a pack of frozen pastry for today. Yay forethought and planning! I carefully rolled out the dough, formed it into little pic […]

Pea Purée

We are now eating healthier (Or I should say trying to) at the Casa Roccapuccia. Our biggest foe in this fight is carbs: We love pasta, rice, bread and potatoes around here so we are trying to avoid the big bad things whenever possible. On tap for dinner one night this week we had fish […]

White Chocolate and Caramel… Mmmmmmmm…Holiday Baking!

+1 Life Point to Lady K for buying Holiday Baking Magazine in October.

Not me! I am not that organized! It’s my beloved Lady K that has already begun her holiday baking. Seriously, she sends me these amazing tins full of Christmas goodies every year and every year I gain 5 pounds thanks to her delicious baking. Worst part? It’s so tasty who cares about the 5 pounds? (Until […]

Wine Love: Folie à Deux – Ménage à Trois


I love wine. I remember not particularly liking it when trying it at someone’s house as a teenager (aka someone snuck a half-opened bottle from their parents’ fridge which had probably gone bad) or even when I was in my Freshman year at University (aka we were too broke to buy good wine and vodka […]

Half Birthdays

When I was in Elementary school there was this one kid that I was always super jealous of. Not because she had nice hair or fancy clothes, the coolest pencil sharpeners or the fanciest Troll doll (Ooooh, just dated myself) but because she got to take one half day off school every year the rest […]

Thanksgiving Feast … On a Diet?

This weekend, I’m hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for some of my favorite people and I have to tell you that I am excited. I love turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy… and seeing as we’re now into my favorite month of the entire year, October, I’m in a pretty phenomenal mood. Why is October my favorite month? Let […]

Happy Birthday Five Layer Ombré Cake

Welcome to Roccapuccia… Or I should say the new Roccapuccia. Long story short, I’ve decided to make this blog about what I (Amanda) am trying to cook or trying to bake as I’ve come to the conclusion that life is too short to spend not eating delicious things. I also found that the internet is […]

The End of a (Pretty Phenomenal) Era

I’ve spent my entire life waiting: Waiting to go to Kindergarten. Waiting to to be old enough to move from Sparks to Brownies. Waiting to be double digit age. Waiting for Junior High. Waiting for first kisses. Waiting to date. Waiting for High School. Waiting to make double digit hourly salary. Waiting to go to […]

Behind the Times: Roccapuccia Discovers BB Creams


I’ve obviously been living under a rock for the last few months as I had NO idea what BB cream was when someone asked me which one I used. I politely smiled and said “Um… You mean Bumble and Bumble?” Yeah, that’s how out of it I was. After thinking about it, I did remember […]

Miss A: Teen Abstinence Superstar?


So the other day I had to go to the drugstore to get a prescription filled. While wandering around waiting for them to put a fancy personalized label on a box (This is what I call pharmacy-ing. Seriously… They just take the drugs from one box, put them in a fancy little plastic container and […]

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