Style Feature: Asma al-Assad

With all the coverage about Syria in the news lately- most notably the reports of Government violence against its own citizens and killing of foreign journalists in the conflict- it’s easy for us not directly impacted in the day to day events to become somewhat desensitized to the horrors which are occuring. The news reports it on a daily basis and quite frankly, the news is just depressing.

I was refilling my mug with some tea in the breakroom on my floor the other day when a picture came on the TV of an incredibly pretty and stylish lady who they were labelling as the “Princess Diana of Syria“. I thought I might have missed something as I’d never heard of her, and I most definitelty had… Syria has an impeccably stylish, well-dressed and educated first lady who is doing what many of us can not comprehend: supporting her husband who is widely believed to be killing his own people. Now this isn’t a political blog- I’m not going to get up on a soapbox and tell you if anything is right or wrong- but this is a blog about style and seeing as I normally focus on the more “traditional” political style figures- Michelle Obama, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and European Princesses- I thought I’d spice it up a little and look at a Middle Eastern style setter with me having absolutely no political agenda whatsoever.

In case you’re like me and had no idea who Asma is, check out this good article here- but here’s the lowdown: She’s definitely got some “It Factor”. She was featured in Vogue (Where called “Rose in the Desert”) and has welcomed all kinds of celebrities to Syria before the problems began, such as Brad and Angelina. Interestingly, Wikipedia tells me that Asma al-Assad is actually British. Born and raised in England but of Syrian descent, she travelled to Syria and obviously met and fell in love with her husband, Bashar al-Assad, and subsequently became the First Lady when he assumed Power from his deceased father. She was also a prominent Investment Banker, working for some of the world’s largest Banks before settling into a “career” as First Lady.

Since we’re looking at her from a fashion and style standpoint, there is really nothing better to do than to stand around and gawk at pictures of the lady while critiquing or admiring her to pieces. Let’s get on with it, shall we?


Look at her adorable haircut, reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw in Season 4-5 of Sex and the City (aka the season SJP was pregnant). It’s very flattering for her face type and youthful while still being professional and classic. It’s actually a hairdo that I myself think I would want to emulate (if I was willing to cut my hair, where I’m currently not willing to part with the ponytail-ability factor)

File picture dated December 9, 2010 shows Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s wife Asma at the Bristol hotel in Paris.

She also goes for a different look in this picture where she’s changed the direction of the curl and made it look more like a formal “up-do”- although it also looks like her hair is shorter than in the previous picture. It’s definitely more aging in this picture, she could pass for older than she is and given that she’s 36 in reality, it might be a bit too harsh.

Asma al-Assad in stylish Trench Coat with more formal Up Do


Let’s also not forget about her style. I absolutely love this look that she’s warting, probably because I’m liking navy blue as a signature color lately, although it’s hard to tell in the picture exactly what color this is. The accessories are perfect, and the cut of the pants is great in comparison with the shell top.

Alma al-Assad from Vogue

She’s also been photographed at many public events looking great:

With Tony Blair and her husband in England

Alma al-Assad in a black lace dress

 So again, please don’t read anything into this politically- I’m just commenting on the style of a woman who happens to be involved in a current crisis in her country.
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